Automation of time-consuming counting routines

BIO-SYS, founded in 1986, is continuously developing and improving systems to automate assays with time consuming analyzes and quantifications.

The major product is the BIOREADER®. It especially analyzes the Elispot assay and 96-well microfilter/microtiterplates. Based on this technology the versatile BIOREADER® 6000 system has been developed. The BIOCOUNT® is a side-product that counts colonies/plaques/zones of inhibition within petridishes. We also distribute the Autoplate® 5000. It is the premier automated spiral plating system.

BIO-SYS’ BIOREADER® and BIOCOUNT® are in world-wide use for pharmaceutical research and quality control, immunology, microbiology and genetic toxicology (biomedical and routine). We are focused on Elispot/FluoroSpot/Plaque/CFU reading. More than 300 readers/counters have been established worldwide.

Our systems purpose is to automate time consuming counting routines to speed up procedures and get the researcher fastest access to their information and results.

Excellent contrast and improved background compensation is achieved by the unique ‘Dual telecentric illumination’. An exceptional high dynamic color range and variable magnification is achieved by high resolution optical and mechanical components. This way each well is visualized ‘full field of view’ at highest optical resolution. All electromechanical components are fully automated and ‘measure protocol controlled’. The automation even includes optical zoom, aperture, focus and filters.


Bioreader® 6000 models